Here are the reflections from our staff about their e-tour within our cluster.

I really enjoyed the etour- it was really worthwhile

The things / ideas i got were:

1. Using the story online website as part of reading session

2. Using of mimio board to edit and share children's writing

3. Use of easi- speak as part of writing session- where chn wrote on white board and recorded their story on easi speak

4.Use of e- folio as part of reporting to parents (Y8 level)

5.Use of cameras to make movies

6.Using digital cameras to record each others reading (movie)

7.Use of quick time player by chn to record the strategies they used to solve maths problems

Sarin, March 2012

I enjoyed the tour and was very impressed with Alana's integration of ICT in her Y1 class in Everglades. I liked the easi speak and seeing it in operation gave me good ideas. Also use of the camera.
Also liked the PM reader books on line with activities children could use on computers = maybe in ICT suite.
Thought our walls and displays did us proud at PCS.
Liked the newspapers in school for senior students and the idea of a weekly quiz they could work at independently.
Big TV seemed to work well with challenged learners= maybe for our lower students.
It was good to see that i am not too far off the mark and that often children were doing a lot of sitting. Thanks, Morag

Hi Ange!

Thanks for providing the opportunity to go out to the different schools and having a look at what they do!

I found it really valuable, they were all doing wonderful things to incorporate ICT and some things that I would definitely like to try out.

Some teachers had subscriptions for some of the online resources they used in their class which seemed worthwhile e.g. First Steps (Junior School - but not sure what level it could go up to) and these had reading and spelling games related to them; PM books online (similar to the Sunshine books that Sue had us trial a few weeks ago); NZ herald weekly quiz online (Senior School) - great motivation to encourage the children to read about the news and its all very current - updated weekly; Online stories - reading to... tool.

Using the mimio to edit children's work as a class; video record performances/role plays/reading and then getting children to watch and critique their own work - feedback/forward in order to improve; children record their maths strategies on quicktime - assessment tool; create bar graphs on kidpix - travelwise week; using youtube short clips as writing motivators; video camera and easispeak to record children speaking in another language/greetings - topic studies/te reo; e-folios - quite advanced but very interesting - children (Yr 5-8) have an electronic folio which they complete during the year comprising of the work/trips they do as well as assessment data which children enter themselves - a bit over my head but pretty impressive.
A lot of the stuff was great but knowing how to do it... will need to take the time to learn and practice.

Definitely worthwhile experience and wish we could do more of it.
Thanks again,

Some ideas that I took away were using the digital camera to video children reading stories etc...
The students read and using the easi speaks to record what they wrote for their writing.