During each whole staff meeting on a Tuesday after school, one staff member is sharing something that they have been doing with their class, learnt with Stuart or a cool new website. Awesome learning from each other!

Staff Member
Focus of Sharing ( Term 4, 2010)
Wk 6
Naomi - Year 1 team
Kidpix creations and voice recordings in a slideshow
Wk 7
Dev - Year 6 team
Sharing templates on Pages and how to make nets for boxes packaging ( Part of their Inquiry unit)

Focus of Sharing ( Term 1, 2011)
Wk 4
Kirsty - Year 3 team
Mimio templates and success criteria in writing
Wk 7
Rachel - year 6 team
Keynote page with mirror magic touches that she has learnt with Stuart and has been using with her class.
Wk 9
Bronwynn - Year 4 team
Sharing how she uses her Mimio interactive reading tumble which is hyperlinked to story websites