Our school completed the online Survey Monkey ICT survey in November, 2010.
Here are some of the interesting results of this survey.
There are 5 less staff members who completed the survey at the end of the year. This may have skewed our results.

This graph shows confidence levels using ICT's


We have found that some people who answered neutral to both these questions have moved to a confident level. We still have one person who is not confident in using ICTs personally.
The majority of people are confident in using ICTs with thier classes. We still have a small number who are not confident or neutral.


There has been a positive shift in confidence in each of these areas in ICT with the exception of web 2.0 applications. Low confidence has gone up in the use of web 2.0 applications because staff members are now understanding what that means. In the use of ICT equipment and integrating ICTs into the classroom programme, no one shows low confidence. This is a result of targeting the staff members with low confidence levels by giving one on one assistance and PD with Stuart Hale and e-leaders.


All teachers are now often using or daily using their classroom computers and laptops.

Most staff are developing understanding or have a well developed understanding of inquiry learning in our school. We have some staff with an infused or integrated understanding.